The best car battery

On this post I want to share with you my impressions after having to change my car’s battery not one, not two but three times on 2014. It did cost me quite a lot of money but more important, i lost a lot of time on trips to the mechanic and the store… Bleh, a total waste of time indeed.

Anyway, I was doing some research on consumerreports and other sites and I came across optima batteries. They have some nice reviews so here’s what i’ve got to say.

Optima Yellow top: The best car battery.

I googled “best car battery” as any sane man would do and I came across this article where the guy recommended optima yellow top as the best car battery

Yes, that’s it. Ok so let’s dig into historrrryyy first yeah?. I bought one Diehard battery from Pepboys and It lasted for about 3 months. Ups! I thought ok, warranty covers it. But i surely wasn’t going to take another diehard because well you know, my car left me stranded in the middle of Omaha’s winter just when i changed the battery specially for that not to happen.

So I got another one, this time a Bosch, thinking it would be, you know, bosch quality german style and what the heeeeck. Mid July and i’m on a road trip to Cali, and my car won’t start one morning somewhere in Nevada can’t even remember where. What a b**ch.

Time to do research before buying.

And it’s been over 2 and a half years now and there’s the battery. But not only that. Last month i setup a lot of electronics on the car and maybe it was the bad experiences but i thought “it’s going to give up now” and nope. 3000Watts of car audio and there it is…


I’m super duper happy and i recommend that battery to anyone.


Here’s a video of it

I hope you enjoyed this article, i’ll be sharing some more stories from other friends once they convert muahahaha.